Saturday, April 23, 2005

About Time...

It is about time I got the time to update you all on what is going on!
1. Tab-Top Tote - Well I still am not sure what I should do but I am no longer stressing over it. I took a few deep breaths and decided that I could fix this problem....I'm still not sure how, but at least I know now it can be done.
2. 1st Time Socks - I am still not very far on my first pair (HA! A pair, I'll be lucky if I get one done)of socks...I will have a picture to show off soon...I promise.
3. Pin Cushion - I found this really cute pattern for a pincushion on the mother of all pattern sites Knitting Pattern Central. I am now on my second layer. I just noticed that that webpage is having some trauma. Here is another pattern that looks a lot like the one I found Knit Pincushion. I will have a picture of this up soon as well.
Sorry to be a little behind in my posts I have been so busy with school and work (I just started substitute teaching).


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