Friday, February 04, 2005

Poncho and The Giant Shoe!

Look at the fun pattern that I got the other day...yummy, huh? The only problem I have is that it is made with Karabella Aurora Bulky... a wonderfully soft merino wool that costs around 8$ a ball. Well that is not to bad, BUT I have to have 12 balls to make the poncho!!! I think I need to find something else to make it out of...any suggestions?

Look what I finished. Number one of the set of my Fiber Trend clogs!!! This thing is huge, I can't wait to make the other one so I can felt them!!!

Here is my size 11 (in woman's USA sizes) shoe next to my mammoth slipper clog...I hope the felting job works or I am going to have to find a giant that really likes pink! Gosh, I need to wash my sneakers! Posted by Hello


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