Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Oh My Goodness!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday....A whole pound of Lambs Pride Worsted Weight Wool/Mohair Blend (4 skeins worth)! YEAH!!! I can finally make my Fiber Trend Clogs! I can't wait! I got this on E-Bay the seller has a really good selection. Here is a link to her E-Bay store: Oregon-Trail-Yarn Posted by Hello


Blogger Jenn said...

I LOVE that yarn! The color is gorgeous. I can't wait to see how the clogs turn out.

Great blog, btw. I'm bookmarking it. Make a button for your site and I'll put it on mine linking to yours!

12:00 AM  
Blogger xtina said...

Hi! I saw you had a link to my I linked you back. That scarf your making is soo pretty!

11:09 PM  

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