Thursday, September 01, 2005

Baby Booties Here I Come...Sort of

In an attempt to clear up my size 7 needles (which I hate by the way because they are Bamboo...I am not a fan), I did a little work on my Knit Pin Cushion. I have gotten two rows done and I am very happy. Here is a picture:

There is only one problem with the pattern. I think there is a mistake in the sewing directions. The pattern says:
"Now sew cast on edge to cast off edge. Then fold over piece onto itself making a short tube. Insert larger tubes over the smaller one, and so on until all three or four or five tubes are in place."

If you were to do this the tubes would not work the way they are in the pictures. You need to fold the top to the bottom (opposite of the cast on/bind off edges) so you are 10 stitches high and then fold into a tube. This way you get tubes that are all the same height (10 stitches) but different widths around. The way the instructions say you would get different heights of tubes and all the same widths. Does any of that make since?!?! The next piece I make I will show you what I mean with pictures.
Now I can work on some baby booties for a girl friend of mine because my 7's are free!